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Service Fees & DIY Assistance Fees

Deborah Laws & Associates has now been in full operation in Cairo, Egypt since November 2011. Deborah Laws is the residence agent who is living and working in Cairo and is available for consultation in person. We have had a very successful five years’ here in Cairo and have managed to successful complete more than 850 visas for Egyptian Families.

We are now starting to see a trend of people who are completing or attempting to complete their own immigration process. We have also seen some very unfortunate mistakes that could have been avoided. For this reason, we have decided to offer clients some limited services such as;

Advice on the likelihood of applying for immigration or any stage. 

Preparation and lodgement of documents. 

Preparation of Commonwealth of Australia Declarations. 

Attesting of documents.


Below is a list of services provided by Deborah Laws & Asso ciates. All a mounts are listed in USD. All invoices can be paid in USD, EGP, AUD or AED, either into the office in cash, bank deposit or using your credit card via our website. The rate we use to calculate the chosen currency is by using All amounts must be paid upfront except our full service which is paid in four stages. The second and third stage of the full service may be paid in three monthly installments paid at the start of each month once the stage is ready to complete.

Full Service: the full service is a complete communication between the migration agent and the client, either by email, telephone or one on one consultation. This service is the premium service.

DIY Services: There services are offered to people who are completing their own immigration. We will check and advise on likelihood of an applications success and vet all documents to ensure that they meet the requirement for the lodgement. If you require a Commonwealth of Australia Declaration draw, translation or attesting this will be at an extra charge. These charges are listed below. This service does not include translations. It will only be technical advice on the documents you have prepared and the likelihood of the outcome.

Full Service

Advice on the likelihood of your application being successful. Unlimited access to questions via email or one on one consultation with the migration agent.  Preparation and lodgement of the entire service from start to finish by the migration agent and full correspondence with all government departments. Please note that the total amount is paid in stages throughout the process and not an upfront charge.

USD $3000.00

DIY Advice Only 

You can simply purchase form us a block of time. You are then entitled to contact us with any questions, requesting checklists, forms, addresses and any relevant information. Also we can check over the documents to make sure everything is in order. We can go through the entire application making sure it fulfills the requirement and giving advice on any corrective actions that need to be taken. we will then bill against the deposit you have paid and debit your account advising you exactly how much prepaid time you have left.  USD $200.00 per hour

Attesting of documents

Stamp and signature per page (note you must supply the photocopies). If you require photocopies they can be done at a charge of 2 EGP per page.

USD $15.00 (300EGP)

Preparation of Statutory Declarations

Advice and preparation of your statutory declaration.

USD $120.00


All translations from Arabic to English. A price list can be provided on request.

On request